"Sleeve Wrap Uncovering a Treasure"

Repurposed map

"The Joyful Tic Tac Toe Wrap" 

Recycled Bottle Caps

"It's all about Intentions"

Clothes Pins ,Craft Paper and Jute Rope 

"Wrapping Up a First Class Gift Card"

Recycled Envelope and Brass Fastener 

"Payment of Gratitude" 

Vintage Sewing Pattern and Brass Fastener 

"Repurposed Envelope Bag"

Old envelope, String and Button 


"Stamp of Approval"

Old State Record Paper, Repurposed Ribbon 

"Starburst of Recycled Paper"

Ledger Paper, Braille Paper, Vintage Map, Craft Paper

"Encapsulating a Thought" 

Recycled Ledger Paper, Milk Carton Caps, Brass Fastener 

"Scrap Wreath" 

Toilet Paper Rolls, Scraps of fabric, paper, buttons, newspaper, felt, beads

"Security Wrap" 

Recycled Security Envelopes, String 

"When Gratitude Takes Center Stage"

Dictionary Paper,  Craft Paper 

"Holiday Hat"

Old Envelope, Buttons, Construction Paper 


Megumi Inouye 2018


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