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The presentation of a gift - and the wrapping it comes in as part of that presentation - is an integral part of the gift according to Megumi Inouye. Done right, it amplifies the gift within, tells rich stories, and deepens the connection between the giver and recipient. 


The Japanese of course, are the masters of the thoughtful package, inspired by the culture of gift-giving. Megumi, born in LA, but whose parents hailed from Japan, knows all about that. Her packaging which often incorporates recycled and found materials is 3D, ingenious, modern, and sculptural. And as any good design should be, it’s often highly functional, practical and sustainable. In her words “there is beauty and transformational power in giving a second life to things that otherwise might be overlooked or discarded.”


For Megumi, though, gift wrapping is a profoundly creative and personal act. “I put my heart and soul into packaging – it’s my vehicle for expressing my thoughts, intentions, wishes.”


Living in the midst of a fast paced consumer age, there is something to be said about rethinking our relationship with gift exchanges and wrapping. It can transform the most quotidian of gifts into something pretty extraordinary, a moment of magic and sublime grace making the recipient feel very special. Therein lies the point and purpose of Megumi’s work. 

Regina Connell

Editor in Chief, Handful of Salt

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Meet Megumi Inouye

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