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"The Soul of Gift Wrapping"

Available everywhere now.

Revitalize the art of gift wrapping as a vehicle of expressing intention and gratitude to your loved ones, your community and the world. 

The Method

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Materials, like people, have the potential for multiple destinies.  

Creatively repurposing materials can transform even the most humble of objects into an extraordinary gift. There is beauty in living sustainably, giving a second life to things that might otherwise be overlooked or discarded.


Cupcake Liner Awaiting its Metamorphosis 

IMG_6235 2.jpg

Beyond Form and Expectation 

IMG_6239 2.jpg

Becoming a Gift 

The Practice

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Gift wrapping symbolizes your everyday expressions.​

Thoughtful packaging represents a mindfulness to approach all endeavors with patience and intention. It conveys a heightened awareness of one's connection to the people that matter most. It’s the love note of the gift. 

IMG_6305 2.jpg

Admiring the art of old sewing patterns 

IMG_6314 2.jpg

Reshaping Vintage Sewing Patterns 


Gift of Gratitude

The Journey

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Intentions of consideration, joy and love lie at the heart of gift wrapping.

You are cordially invited to partake in a transformational gift wrapping journey.


Time:  When you want to express yourself to someone 

Place:  A peaceful venue where you feel most relaxed

IMG_6346 2.jpg

Wrapping Remnants of Travel Memories 

IMG_6430 2.jpg

Vintage Candles as Gift Wrap

IMG_6383 2.jpg

The Joy of  Reusing Bottle Caps

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