Bring to life one of the most powerful and joyful experiences.

Revitalize the art of gift wrapping as a vehicle of expressing intention and gratitude to your loved ones, your community and the world. 

The Method

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Materials, like people, have the potential for multiple destinies.  

Creatively repurposing materials can transform even the most humble of objects into an extraordinary gift. There is beauty in living sustainably, giving a second life to things that might otherwise be overlooked or discarded.

Cupcake Liner Awaiting its Metamorphosis 

Beyond Form and Expectation 

Becoming a Gift 

The Practice

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Gift wrapping symbolizes your everyday expressions.​

Thoughtful packaging represents a mindfulness to approach all endeavors with patience and intention. It conveys a heightened awareness of one's connection to the people that matter most. It’s the love note of the gift. 

Admiring the art of old sewing patterns 

Reshaping Vintage Sewing Patterns 

Gift of Gratitude

The Journey

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Intentions of consideration, joy and love lie at the heart of gift wrapping.

You are cordially invited to partake in a transformational gift wrapping journey.


Time:  When you want to express yourself to someone 

Place:  A peaceful venue where you feel most relaxed

Wrapping Remnants of Travel Memories 

Vintage Candles as Gift Wrap

The Joy of  Reusing Bottle Caps

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